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Welcome to my website - thanks for dropping in.

The chances are that you've found me via one of two routes:

  • you're looking for a lighting designer in the Wessex area, in which case it would be a pleasure to talk to you about your project.

  • you're wondering who this guy is who seems to be popping up everywhere in lighting media , in which case, I hope the site helps to give you some helpful background about me and what I've been up to in an intensely busy lighting career.

The short version goes like this: I trained to become an electrical engineer but fell in love with the world of lighting manufacture. Circumstances (always a good euphemistic word, that) led me to lighting design in 1984 and the broad and narrow ways of a professional career led me eventually to Dorset and the establishment of jb-ld back in 1998 - or thereabouts . . . a decent amount of time ago, anyway.

At the beginning of 2016 I was offered the role of Applications Editor at Lux Review, working with the editorial team that I'd been writing for in various guises for many years. That has led to me fronting things like the Lighting Talk group on LinkedIn, hosting weekly global webinars and moderating conferences and seminars. I've been writing commentary on the state of lighting design, the state of our industry and what we should really be doing for many years - as this website demonstrates so well. But the idea of being able to do this kind of thing as my main job hadn't occurred to me until I found myself across a table from Ray Molony and Gordon Routledge at the end of last year.
All in all, its been an extraordinary time and I'm enjoying almost every minute of it.


Lighting design work continues to be a passion. I have built a reputation as the foremost lighting designer in Dorset, working on some fine residential projects designed by top quality, imaginative, architects. I came to residential lighting quite late, as my lighting studio in London focused specifically on commercial projects. But I love the amount of detail that residential projects bring with them. These building sites eventually turn into someone's home and the conversations round the kitchen table that lead to that final hand-over are a joy. No, not all the time, that would be asking too much!


If you'd like to talk to me about lighting design,
please contact me at
if its journalism that you're after​, then
contact me at


or ring me at 01935 812447.

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Conference Moderator
Hosting one-day conferences on the specialists subjects of the day.

Webinar Host
Welcoming a global audience to weekly webcast, with expert presenters from within the lighting industry.

Seminar Moderator
MC of the lightspace arena at LuxLive, the biggest UK lighting exhibition.

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